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Email discussion forums are designed to enable people to exchange ideas, ask each other questions, share information and problems, seek advice from peers and discuss current issues. The following discussion lists are open to anyone who is interested and everyone is welcome to join, free of charge.

ITT MFL forum

An email discussion group set up by this website ITT support project for all those interested in the Initial Teacher Training of Modern Foreign Languages. The aim of the forum is to generate discussion, information exchange and mutual support for providers of teacher training, both in universities and in school-based programmes.

You can join the ITTMFL forum and browse archives of previous discussions on the forum webpages at:


Other forums and ezines related to language teaching and learning

CILT is running a number of email discussion groups for the exchange of news on language learning issues, each having a particular focus:

For further information about any of the above forums and how to join go to: http://www.cilt.org.uk/keep_in_touch/email_forums.aspx

For further information about CILT ezines and newsletters ranging from primary languages to CILT news service, please go to:



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