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The papers available here on-line are from ALL journals and other recommended sources. They have all been selected for tutor reading but may also be suitable for trainees.

Papers and recommended reading

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Professional development through collaborative curriculum planning in English and modern languages (pdf document)
Pomphrey, C. (2004) Language Learning Journal, 29, pp 75-79
Editorial review
Escaping from the treadmill: practitioner research and professional autonomy (pdf document)
Lamb, T., Simpson, M. (2003) Language Learning Journal, 28, pp 43-51
Editorial review
Second language teachers as second language classroom researchers (pdf document)
Macaro, E. (2003) Language Learning Journal, 27, pp 55-63
Editorial review
The professional development of modern languages teachers (pdf document)
Green, S. (1996) Language Learning Journal, 14, pp 12-17
Editorial review


An Introduction to Curriculum Research and Development (book) Stenhouse, L. (1975), London: Heinemann Editorial review



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