Developing work at Masters level

Assessment at Masters level

In the changing context of ITT some questions arise, such as:

All concerned in achieving M Level in ITT, tutors and trainees alike, need to understand the particular way in which their institutions M Level criteria are applied to their specific ITT curriculum. Grade related descriptors for relevant ITT assignments can be helpful to developing an understanding of how elements of the ITT course can be assessed at Masters level. The Masters level credits in ITT need to reflect the fact that an M Level PGCE is functioning as a professional Masters and not an academic one. Assignments may therefore be fruitfully communicated and assessed if there are specific descriptors. This may help to enable all concerned in achieving M level in ITT to understand how the applied theoretical elements are reflected in the trainees' examples and how the theory has been drawn on and illuminated by practice. If you can contribute your own institutions work in this area, please email your contributions.


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