Developing work at Masters level

Developing writing for ITT M Level assignments

Many of the traditional school based and reflective tasks which are normally set on ITT courses can be used as a basis for Master's level assignments. At Master's level trainees need to refer to the Master's level criteria and be supported in producing pieces of scholarly writing on the areas studied.

Creating a portfolio of assignments can allow trainees to write on several topic areas, adding up to an overall, required word count. Examples of the kind of assignments which might go into a portfolio might be a philosophical statement of 1,000 words; a piece of MFL/cross-curricular reflective writing of 1,000 words; a piece of professional studies reflective writing possibly around 1,500 words; a review of an academic article or book chapter of around 1,500 words.

Some support for writing a philosophical statement as part of a portfolio is provided in the Working at M. level section which is located under the Working With Your Trainees area of this website.


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