Developing work at Masters level

Supporting academic literacy at M level for ITTMFL

Writing at Master's level on a professional programme has to conform to Master's level criteria and to illustrate and illuminate the professional learning, in the case of MFL, as a teacher of MFL working towards qualification and accreditation requirements (Qualified Teacher Status, QTS). This section indicates sources of support to develop trainees' ability to write according to Master's level requirements, such as the kind of formulation indicated in the document entitled Professional M Level Grade Related Criteria.

Trainees may need support to create succinct and analytic pieces which are not 'academic' in the way they wrote in their first degree. Academic assignments often require a style of writing which aims for 'objectivity', whereas in a professional Master's course the writing needs to relate to and be drawn on personal experience of learning to be a teacher.


Resource support

The following websites may help to develop trainee's writing at Master's Level. The links are also posted on the section, Working with your Trainees. However, the advice in these websites may need mediation, to ensure that trainees work reflects their own professional learning experience.


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